The examination is comprised of 3 parts:
painting evaluation, written evaluation, and portfolio evaluation. Total number of points is 100.
Any person aged 4 or above are eligible to take the examination.

60 points: Pass

80 points: Merit

90 points: Distinction

Painting evaluation(50%)

Candidates will be given a 390 x 270mm sheet of white paper. Candidates are required to draw specific objects according to the questions within time limits.
Candidates are allowed to bring any paints and tools to the examination. No paint tool will be provided to candidates except for water.
If there are any disputes regarding candidates’ paints and tools, the exam board's decision shall be final.

Writing Exam(40%)

Candidates are required to answer questions within time limits. Questions will be in both Chinese and English.

Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II writing examinations will be tested as follow:
Questions should be answered in the form of drawing, e.g. colouring, simple drawing, and creative composition. Candidates’ choice of paints and colours is not limited.

Advanced I, Advanced II, Premier, Professional, Teacher Certificate
In addition to painting, candidates are required to write essays on art criticism. Answer could be in English or Chinese.


After applying, candidates must take photos of their work and upload them onto the examination website before the designated date.

All works must be produced by the candidates themselves. Plagiarism and painting or modification by others are forbidden.
If the above violation occurs, the exam board has the right to deduct marks. In case of serious violations, candidates may be penalised by cancelling their examination results for the relevant subject or all subjects.

If there are any disputes, the exam board's decision shall be final.

Artwork includes the following categories:

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Relief Sculpture, Photography, Sculpture, Pottery, Comic, Comic Strips, Illustrations and Animations,3D Design, Installations, Chinese Calligraphy, Western Calligraphy, Fashion Design, Interior Design,Publication Design, Product Design, Digital Drawing, Mix Media

If necessary, candidates are allowed to take photos of different angles of their 3D work and combine them into one image