SMS Schweizer Malschule

The Swiss Painting School“ is an organized Art School based in Berne, the capital of Switzerland.

Originally founded in 1974 as an art travel agency organizing art journeys in painterly areas within Switzerland and in foreign countries such as Cuba, Spain, France and Italy, the Swiss Painting School nowadays has become a locally established and renowned Art School in the area of Berne, focusing on all drawing and painting techniques.

Beside regular basic art classes, Swiss and international artists and art teachers regularly offer masterclasses. Every year, 35 art teachers offer around 100 courses to more than 600 students. In 2016, Mr. Adrian Weber became head and director of "SMS Schweizer Malschule".

The Switzerland Visual Arts Certificate

Before the invention of the camera, the art of painting has always played a documentary role. Our predecessors continued to study painting techniques, in order to make the work more realistic. After the invention of the camera, artworks began to deviate from realism where emphasis is placed on expressing emotions and creativity. After the rise of contemporary art, the value of creativity has become more important than painting skills.

SMS Schweizer Malschule (Swiss School of Painting) developed the Swiss Visual Arts Grading Examination to set assessment standards for candidates. The examination takes into account drawing skills and creativity. In the process of setting the standards, we referenced and gathered opinions from artists from all over the world and invited the best of them to become consultants in order to make the certification more professional and recognised.


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Painting Exam

Candidates will be given a 390 x 270mm sheet of white paper. Candidates are required to draw specific objects according to the questions within time limits.

Writing Exam

Candidates are required to answer questions within time limits. Questions will be in both Chinese and English. Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II writing examinations will be tested as follow: Questions should be answered in the form of drawing, e.g. colouring, simple drawing, and creative composition. Candidates’ choice of paints and colours is not limited. Advanced I, Advanced II, Premier, Professional, Teacher Certificate:In addition to painting, candidates are required to write essays on art criticism. Answer could be in English or Chinese.


Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Relief Sculpture, Photography, Sculpture, Pottery, Comic, Comic Strips, Illustrations and Animations,3D Design, Installations, Chinese Calligraphy, Western Calligraphy, Fashion Design, Interior Design,Publication Design, Product Design, Digital Drawing, Mix Media